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Village Settlement - Documents


This section records documentation relating to the Settlement which have been produced or researched during the course of the project.

Field Walking
West  Field
Pot Distribution


Flint Distribution


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The Fifth Archaeological Fieldwalking Survey at Sutterby, Lincolnshire
February 2018 (SFX18)

Dave Start -  2018

Sutterby 2017 Fieldwalking Report 
Dave Start - Feb 2018 - V5
Fieldwalking - Coin

Dave Start - March 2017

Fieldwalking Report 2016

Dave Start - Dec 2016

The Ploughman's Guide to Field Measurement

Dave Start - May 2018

Ridge and Furrow Survey Workshop at Old Church Farm, Great Steeping

Dave Start - March 2018

Historic Environment Record Report

Dave Start - Feb 2015

A document compiled by Rodney Vigne about his involvement with Sutterby.

Rodney Vigne - Oct 2014

Dexthorpe Report 
Dave Start - updated Feb 2018
Fieldwalking Report 2015
Part 1

Dave Start - Dec 2015

Fieldwalking Report 2015
Part 2

Dave Start - Dec 2015

Fieldwalking Report 2014

Dave Start - updated Jan 2015

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