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Spirit of Sutterby Lecture - Prof Louise Wilkinson : The Medieval Women of Bolingbroke

Greetings to all the Spirits of Sutterby ... We do hope you managed to see the Spirit of Sutterby featured on last Sunday's Countryfileprogramme on BBC1. If you missed it, you can watch again on The Sutterby piece is from about minute 19 to minute 26 - SEVEN minutes of Sutterby! This Thursday (26 November), at 7.00pm, we are presenting a very special on-line lecture from Louise Wilkinson, Professor of Medieval History at Lincoln University. Before coming to Lincoln, Louise was Professor of Medieval History at Canterbury Christ Church University and, prior to that, worked as a research fellow on the Calendar of Patent Rolls (Elizabeth I) Project, based at Reading University and The National Archives. Louise's talk, entitled The Medieval Women of Bolingbroke, examines the eventful lives and changing fortunes of three great medieval countesses who held Bolingbroke in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries:

  • Lucy, countess of Chester, whose name is remembered at Lincoln castle today, and who out-lived three husbands (!) in the decades of the early twelfth century.

  • Hawise de Quincy, countess of Lincoln, an important heiress in Henry III's reign, who helped to transfer the earldom of Lincoln to her daughter and son-in-law in 1232.

  • Margaret de Lacy, countess of Lincoln, Hawise's daughter, who became one of the wealthiest women in England and a close friend of the queen by the 1250s.

This will be a talk on zoom and you will find the invitation to attend the lecture at the end of this email. The invitation includes the internet 'link' (hopefully shown in blue) which, when you click on it, starts the process of getting you connected. The first time you use it, it will ask to download the Zoom 'app' onto your computer in order to connect you. If it all works OK, you will arrive at the meeting where you can hear and see the other participants. You do not have to have your camera or microphone switched on - and it is often better for reception if you don't switch them on. I shall turn off all microphones except for Louise's, when the talk begins. Louise will be showing slides, and your computer screen will be the projector screen - so you will see the slides and hear her voice. Don't forget that you can minimise the little boxes showing participants so they do not interfere with the slides. I know there will be a ‘ Professor Louise Wilkinson’s Mediaeval Ladies’ with free template cake recipe to accompany the talk and Denise and Phil have been busy baking. When we get the recipe I hope that you too will bake in advance, to consume (in part) during the lecture. The talk is about 50 minutes, after which we can take a few questions. You can send any questions through using the 'chat' facility available on the zoom app. As we hope to start at 7.00pm prompt, please join the meeting between 6.50 and 7.00pm. I do hope the system works OK for you. Email me if you have any questions.

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