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Bumblebee Survey

A new season is bursting upon us - Spring flowers, lighter evenings, bird song and .......the emergence from hibernation of the Queen bumblebee. Whilst we may be aware of the first three harbingers, the humble bumblebee may escape our notice.

This Spring we are asking if you would consider taking part in a simple survey to record the numbers and distribution of four Queen bumblebees. You need no previous background in bumblebee recording to take part- we just ask that as you wander in your garden or on a walk that you look out for the humble bumble!

Please find attached a simple survey recording form along with an introduction to the survey and identification information.

All records collected will be of use and import - so please don't hold back!

Flight of the bumblebee... (1) Survey
Download PD • 2.90MB

Download PDF • 1.75MB

Bumblebee Survey Recording Form
Download PDF • 98KB

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