• Denise Wheatley

The Magic of Moths....and Butterflies

A workshop with Colin Smith

Sunday, July 21st9am - 11.30am

Shoot Lodge, Sutterby


Booking required.

We are so very pleased to welcome back County Moth Recorder, Colin Smith. Those of you who have attended one of Colin's workshops in the past will know that a treat awaits you; for those of you who have yet to experience the sheer excitement of a Myriad of Magical Moths do consider coming along.

This year Colin will also be helping us to brush up our butterfly identification skills. It promises to be an entertaining and educational experience.

As usual ,Colin will be bringing along his moth traps from the previous night, which we will be augmenting with the overnight Sutterby catch.

After the identification session, we will retire indoors for a talk by Colin on daytime observation of moths and butterflies. All this plus a Dixon Special - the Firsby Artisan Baker applies his culinary skills and artistry to the provision and production of bacon butties.

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