• Denise Wheatley

Sutterby Owls Update

Following our successful Owl Pellet Workshop in November, we were pleased to donate a new barn owl box to be sited in the Sutterby area.

Garry Steele, our mentor and specialist adviser, suggested Langton churchyard as a suitable location.

Langton is just across the valley from Sutterby and we have fond hopes of Sutterby owlets winging their way across the valley and setting up a new home within sight of their home nest.

The box will be monitored on a regular basis and we will post updates as appropriate.

We are grateful for the help and support of the Douglas family and the Langton Estate and ,as always, to Garry and his henchman, Andy, for carrying out the precarious task of fixing the box to the tree! The box is on a Scots pine on the southern side of the churchyard.

Sutterby Strigiphiles

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