• Denise Wheatley

Sandwich Fillers

As we bid a fond farewell to an exhilarating and educational 2017, we look forward with anticipation to 2018.

The events for the year begin on Tuesday, January 9th with the first of our Lunchtime Lectures.

We invite you to join us at the Franklin Hall, Spilsby at 1pm when you will have the opportunity to become better acquainted with Sir John Langton. Julia Brocklehurst will be guiding us through his inventory from 1540 and what a fascinating document it is!

This is the first of four planned lunchtime events - the full programme is attached.

Please feel free to bring along your sandwich lunch - hot drinks will be available.

There will be a small charge of £2 per event.

Thank you for your continuing support for the project. It is much appreciated.

Sending best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,


On behalf of the Spirit of Sutterby Steering Group


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