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Woolly Walls - update

The Woolly Walls project is turning into something really special and exciting. Innovative ideas, good skill set and amazing momentum - the Executive Design Group have it all.

Now that the grant from Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service is confirmed the Design Group are keen to move forward and keen to involve people - some of you may already have an interest in craft, or indeed have craft skills at your fingertips. If so, please 'sign up' . The Group would love to hear from you.

You can sign up at any of the Spirit of Sutterby meetings or just email to the usual email address

Others, perhaps like me, would like to contribute but have no obvious craft skills to offer.

I am reassured by the Group that this is no impediment to taking part - the Group contains willing teachers and will be providing workshops. Surely all of us could manage a spot of mosaic work or an odd tuft of nettles in the churchyard? So if you would like to take part but are Workshop Material rather than Master Crafter please do still let the Group know - either by email or by signing up at any of the Spirit of Sutterby meetings.

The Design Group are considering having an Open Afternoon or Evening, when the model will be on display and when interested parties can chat with the Design Group members over a cup of tea and a slice of cake from the Firsby Artisan Bakery. More information and date to follow.

As with all things Sutterby related, this is an opportunity to be involved with something unusual and inspiring. Inspiring not only to us, but hopefully to other people and communities, who might not yet have considered crafting their local church for posterity..

The idea, as ever, is for people to give as much of their time as they wish - you would not be signing up for a 24 hour crochet marathon - although that is a thought.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,


On behalf of the Woolly Walls Executive Design Group and the Spirit of Sutterby Steering Group

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