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Traditional crafts and skills.

To run alongside our documentary research into the past of Sutterby, we will be running a number of events and workshops relating to traditional crafts and skills. For those who wish, a chance to learn something new and to glimpse into the domestic and working lives of our villagers. After the success of our Anglo Saxon pot and corn dolly workshops we are venturing into the following areas. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved:

- Drop spindle spinning: Paul Day will be running an afternoon workshop giving people the opportunity to spin wool using a drop spindle. No previous drop spindle experience required...

- Calligraphy: inspired by our recent acquaintance with old documents we are pleased to be able to offer an introduction to calligraphy in terms of general lettering, but also a chance to try illuminated lettering. These workshops will be run in conjunction with The Collection in Lincoln and will have Rosi Baxter as the tutor.

- Rag Rugs: a chance to produce a family heirloom. This will be a practical introduction to a once popular craft. We will be offering a choice of 3 Sutterby inspired patterns (the church, a barn owl or a runic S) or you are welcome to design your own.

- The Sutterby Wall Hanging: not content with a written record of the village and church history we are considering producing a wall hanging detailing the significant moments in the village history and indeed significant moments in the project.

- Woolly Walls: inspired by the county ‘Woolly Spires’ initiative we are hoping to create an architecturally correct knitted representation of the church and churchyard.

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