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Spirit of Sutterby Lending Library

The following books have been donated to the project and are available for loan.

To borrow please ring 01790 754079

  • The Anglo Saxon World by Kevin Crossley Holland Boydell Press, 1982

  • The Archaeology of Roman Britain by R G Collingwood. Bracken Books, 1930

  • The Cathedral Builders of the Middle Ages by Alain Erlande-Brandenburg. Thames & Hudson, 1995

  • Church and Society in Mediaeval Lincolnshire by Dorothy M Owen. SLHA, 1990

  • Churches, Chapels and the Parish Communities of Lincolnshire 1660-1900 by R.W. Ambler SLHA, 2000

  • The Country Life pocket guide to English Domestic Architecture by A.L. Osborne. Country Life Ltd 1967

  • The English Mediaeval House by Margaret Wood. Bracken Books, 1983

  • An Historical Atlas of Lincolnshire edited by Stewart and Nicholas Bennett. Phillimore & co. 1993

  • House Histories for Beginners by Colin and O-Ian Style. Phillimore & co Ltd, 2006

  • Lincolnshire's Archaeology from the Air edited by Robert H Bewley. SLHA 1998

  • Our Norman Heritage by John West. Three Counties Holidays, 1986

  • Printed Maps of Lincolnshire 1576-1900 by R A Carroll. Lincoln Records Society, 1996

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