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Celebrate the Spirit of Sutterby 2014 - Franklin Hall on Friday November 28th 7pm - 9pm

Seasons greetings from Sutterby The Project Steering Group extends an invitation to come and celebrate the Spirit of Sutterby 2014. A chance to look back and reminisce and also an opportunity to peer into the future. Sutterby 2015 - what will we be doing?

Whether you have come to one event, no events or every event you are most welcome.

As you would expect there will be an educational aspect to the evening - a chance to gain NVQ Level 1 in Lincolnshire Dialect and for the more ambitious, the possibility of gaining a certificate in Unicorn care and management next year. Plus the broggling update, an introduction to the qweys and wherefores of mediaeval documents, slug identification and much much more.

Please consider coming along - we have lots to tell and more to discover.

Free refreshments and we will finish with a rousing finale of the new Sutterby Anthem. We look forward to welcoming you to the Franklin Hall on Friday November 28th 7pm - 9pm

Please feel free to just turn up on the evening - but it would be helpful if you let us know beforehand by contacting Denise on 01790 754079. Thank you. With our very best wishes, The Steering Group Dave, David, Julia, Geoff and Denise


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