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Field Walking - a walkers account

Fieldwalking - this is pretty much what we did! I have to admit I wasn't very enthusiastic at first particularly as we had the initial training during a particularly wet and cold winter. However when the better weather came along and we gathered to go field walking it was actually rather fun. We were each given a line across the field to follow and asked to pick up anything that looked interesting. When fellow walkers started to find pieces of pottery things got quite competitive. It was surprising that most of the finds were quite tiny but our expert coordinators were on hand to interpret for and encourage us. In just over an hour we had finds from pre-history right through to modern times Roman, Saxon and Medieval plus a few mystery objects. Admittedly there were also several red herrings, stones etc that looked promising to the untrained eye but turned out to be nothing at all. The finds have all been plotted on the field plan and this gives an indication of the possible historic use of the land. Would I do it again? Surprisingly I would!


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