Project Overview


The aim of this project is to tell the story of Sutterby - to research the past, to record the present and to give Sutterby a future through its past. 

For Sutterby, the chance to regain its social and historical landscape.
For those involved in the project, a chance to learn, explore, unearth, research, create & record.


There are four strands to explore :-


  • the church: its history and architecture

  • the churchyard: its gravestones and families

  • the village: its echoes of a medieval past, glimpsed now through grassy humps and ploughed fields

  • the natural history: discover the present and develop the future


Each strand is dealt with as a sub-project overseen by a steering group, manned by volunteers and co-ordinated by a volunteer with the guidance of professionals.


  • produce an in-depth research report & short readable narrative,

  • create a website & photographic gallery,

  • develop a wildlife friendly churchyard,

  • form a 'Friends of Sutterby' group.


Project Steering Group


Julia Brocklehurst Tel : 01507 464958      Select here to send an email to Julia


David Stonehouse Tel : 01790 754774     Select here to send an email to David


Dave Start Tel : 01507 480620        Select here to send an email to Dave


Denise Wheatley Tel : 01790 754079    Select here to send an email to Denise


Geoff Wheatley Tel : 01790   754079     Select here to send an email to Geoff




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Spirit of Sutterby is part of the Down Your Wold Project

Project Manager: Sam Phillips

Tel : 07827 812519  or 01507 609740

Select here to send an email to Sam

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