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In light of the present guidance re corona virus we are postponing all meetings, events and gatherings which would be taking place under the aegis of the project.We will get back to normal (!) as soon as we can safely do so.

Please join us as we boldly go where most of us have never gone before....
We extend a warm welcome and invite you to attend our series of autumn lectures in the warmth and comfort of your own homes.
Our Zoom Meister will be at the controls, so what could possibly go wrong....
New to Zoom? Cautious re anything involving IT?
Please just get in touch we are happy to help launch you into cyberspace.


The Steering Group, with help and guidance, is busily compiling a list of ideas/suggestions for ways in which we can all usefully fill our time. 

We will be in touch.


Please take care and stay well.

Best wishes,


On behalf of the Steering Group



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