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Churchyard - Documents


This section records documentation relating to the Churchyard which have been researched during the course of the project.

Local Boy Makes Good - The Toronto Fire - John Croft




Census Records

Census Records 1841 to 1911


Details of the families of the village (updated Jan 2016)

Graveyard Report

Churchyard and the graves - David Stonehouse June 2014

Sutterby Parish Registers

Register of Marriages

Burials at St John the Baptist Church, Sutterby

Sutterby Parish Records


Churchyard 2015 update


Dump of Building Materials


Sutterby Burial Register 1837-1948



Sutterby Burial Register 1837-1948

Elizabeth Peacock, Ann Evison, Sophia Martin, Rose Snell, Rebecca Donnington, Joseph Evison, Esther Ann Dring, Elizabeth Owston, Francis Tuxworth Elizabeth Owston, Mary Evison, Brinkhill, Ann Lydia Simons, T. Owston

Thomas Owston, Richard Borrill, ,George Wright, Mary Snell,

Thomas Dring, George Croft, John Snell,  James Ellerby, Sutterby, 3 Jan 1872, aged 4 months

John Borrill, Elizabeth Simons,

George Henry Snell, Fanny Helen Snell,  Edman Simons, Mary Ann Watson,  John Dowse,

Reverend Thomas Owston,Charles Alfred Watson, Ivy Alexandra Sellars, Leonard Haw, Elizabeth Peacock,

William Enderby,  Caroline Eliz. Rose Wilson, Doris Avison,  Mabel Blades,  George Ronald Baker, Gwendoline Baker, Joseph Houlden, William Brydges Sayers,

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