The Medieval Sky - An illustrated talk by Ray Emery

Tuesday 21st August 2018 Ray Emery , a member of the “Sutterby Horde” gave a really interesting and very informative talk on the night sky the good people of Sutterby would have known when they looked up at the non-light polluted sky over their heads. He told us the theory of the scholars, from the flat earth, to the world revolving around the Sun and the way we found the truth about the planets and the sun we know today. Read More here

Local views, Local history

Brian Johnson shares his extensive photographic catalogue of people, places and things. Wednesday 12th Sep 2018 A step back in time with the aid of slides and cine film taken by Brian Johnson’s family. We had a film of a journey by train on the local lines going through stations long gone, we watched the Sheep Fair in Partney, as well as wonderful footage of farming using binding machines, early combine harvesters and bailers. Read the full report here

Thomas Grantham – A talk by Robert Kershaw.

Saturday 17th November 2018. The talk was about Thomas Grantham who was an early leading member in the Baptist Church. We first came across him when we transcribed his will written in 1690 at Sutterby. Bob filled in some of the gaps about his life and family and what was happening in the Baptist Movement locally. It was very interesting local history as a lot of it took place in Halton Holegate. Read the full report here

Harvest Supper 2018

Friday 12th October 2018. 1900hrs . It was decided to hold a croc pot supper with a selection of casseroles (including vegetarian option) plus a variety of delicious desserts to celebrate the harvest and fund raise at the same time. Read More here

Wolds Medieval Landscapes & Farming

Workshop with Mark Gardiner & Dave Start Sat. 6th October 2018. 1000 -1600hrs . Mark Gardiner and Dave Start had obviously put in a lot of research for this workshop and it showed. The local detail was excellent and fully appreciated by those attending who also added to the talk. It was illustrated with many slides of farming methods ..... Read the full story here

Wall Painting

Sue Lee gives an illustrated talk on her work as a Conservator, Restorer and Creator. Saturday 29th September2018. Read the full report here