The Dissolution

Tuesday April 28th, Sausthorpe Village Hall, 7.30pm The disappointing news is that Sue Lee is now unable to give her talk on this date. We are hoping that her talk on conservation and preservation of old buildings can be rescheduled for the autumn. Fingers crossed, as it is a fascinating subject and I know that lots of us were looking forward to hearing Sue's talk. The exciting news is that at short notice we have been able to secure the services of the renowned Dave Start, who has agreed to come and entertain us with a talk entitled 'The Dissolution'. Dave will be exploring not only the historical issues surrounding the dissolution of the monasteries per se, but also the community impact th


May 23 - May 29 2015 The 'Sutterby Dig' will run from Saturday May 23rd to Friday May 29th. We will be excavating at the west end of Sutterby Church to re-expose the foundation plinth found during the broggling for gravestones last May. Our trenches are quite small so we will need only five diggers each day, plus two site assistants, each day (although diggers and site assistants can swap about if they are fit and able). Dave Start and Julia Brocklehurst will be the site supervisors. On the first day we will be de-turfing the area and trowelling back to a level surface. Deturfing can be quite heavy work. On successive days we will be steadily trowelling down in 'spits' (arbitrary layer