Spirit of Sutterby Lending Library

The following books have been donated to the project and are available for loan. To borrow please ring 01790 754079 The Anglo Saxon World by Kevin Crossley Holland Boydell Press, 1982 The Archaeology of Roman Britain by R G Collingwood. Bracken Books, 1930 The Cathedral Builders of the Middle Ages by Alain Erlande-Brandenburg. Thames & Hudson, 1995 Church and Society in Mediaeval Lincolnshire by Dorothy M Owen. SLHA, 1990 Churches, Chapels and the Parish Communities of Lincolnshire 1660-1900 by R.W. Ambler SLHA, 2000 The Country Life pocket guide to English Domestic Architecture by A.L. Osborne. Country Life Ltd 1967 The English Mediaeval House by Margaret Wood. Bracken Books, 1983 An Histor