Project takes to the skies

A new aspect to the project - a quadcopter drone captures events on a breezy day of fieldwalking on the west field at Sutterby. I had already attended the very interesting lecture given by Dave Start on the subject of aerial archaeology - aviation and all this aloft being one of my interests. When I mentioned I had a drone I could see Dave's eyes light up - perhaps I could be some help. The drone is a small quadcopter, radio controlled in flight and fitted with a wide angle lens camera fixed on the underside which is controlled via an iphone - it feeds live images to the iphone in flight and high resolution images, both stills and video can be taken. It takes pretty good images - I only hope

Field Walking - a walkers account

Fieldwalking - this is pretty much what we did! I have to admit I wasn't very enthusiastic at first particularly as we had the initial training during a particularly wet and cold winter. However when the better weather came along and we gathered to go field walking it was actually rather fun. We were each given a line across the field to follow and asked to pick up anything that looked interesting. When fellow walkers started to find pieces of pottery things got quite competitive. It was surprising that most of the finds were quite tiny but our expert coordinators were on hand to interpret for and encourage us. In just over an hour we had finds from pre-history right through to modern times